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Boy's Beanie FCT C001

Boy's Beanie FCT C001

33,63 KM 25,83 KM 19,37 KM -42% Rok isporuke 5-7 radnih dana
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Termin pakovanja:

  • Medium 2 - 4 dana

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Boy's Beanie FCT C001

Šifra proizvoda: FCT00D1727B

All products are produced with the utmost emphasis on the durability and durability of these properties and at the same time with the BLUESIGN ecological standard.
These are the top products in its category that guarantee the highest quality of all knitwear by its users. Polycolon® is a hydrophobic fiber designed for the inside of the cap and head. It does not absorb moisture, it only takes it away and transfers it to the outer layer where it is vaporized. It has very good thermal properties and is 40% lighter than cotton. It is especially suitable for active athletes, but due to non-irritation and for casual wear for both adults and children.

Material: 100% Acryl inside polycolon
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