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Trusox Mid Calf Cushion Crew Socks

Trusox Mid Calf Cushion Crew Socks

138,38 KM 103,79 KM -25%
Sniženje završava dana Sati Minute Sekunde

Termin pakovanja:

  • 6-8.5 M 7 - 12 dana
  • 8.5-11 L 7 - 12 dana

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Trusox Mid Calf Cushion Crew Socks

Šifra proizvoda: 41700718

Trusox Mid Calf Cushion Crew Socks
TRUSOX work by gripping the foot to your sock and your sock to your footwear via technology placed on the inside and outside of the sock - the only sock that can do this!

The grip technology works by ultra-fine hairs of the material attaching to the pours of the skin.

TRUSOX optimum performance is actually when the technology is slightly damp which goes hand in hand with slight perspiration of the foot when used.

> For the technology to work, another sock cannot be worn over or underneath TRUSOX.
> TRUSOX Mid-calf version must be worn with a sock sleeve, stirrup or you need to cut your club sock at the ankle.
> You then put TRUSOX on as a normal sock, then put on your club sleeve above TRUSOX so that you are showing 3-5 rows of rectangles and tape them together.
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