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PTP Yoga Loop Strap

PTP Yoga Loop Strap

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Termin pakovanja:

  • Small 7 - 12 dana
  • Medium 7 - 12 dana
  • Large 7 - 12 dana

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PTP Yoga Loop Strap

Šifra proizvoda: 76141690

PTP Yoga Loop Strap
The PTP Yoga Loop Strap has been designed to help you improve your techniques and poses, the loops allows you to move through poses slowly so you can feel your body's restrictions while staying in control, it also helps with the difficult hand and foot binds, completed with the PTP branding.

> Yoga loop
> Slight stretch
> Woven construction
> Ideal for stretching and body toning
> Lengthening muscles and increase motion range
> Joint stabilisation and core control
> Yoga poses booklet
> PTP branding

Size specs:
> Small/Pink: recommended for individuals with a great level of flexibility and/or narrow shoulders
> Medium/Lime: recommended for individuals with an intermediate level of flexibility and/or normal shoulder width
> Large/Charcoal: recommended for individuals with a low level of flexibility and/or broad shoulders


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